General Conditions of Sale

General Conditions of Sale

Prices, technical characteristics and equipment, contained in our catalogs and website, can be changed without prior notice. Please note that any changes, updates or corrections to the printed catalog will be done online. Therefore, always consult our page before placing your order as you may have the catalog in outdated paper format.

Orders will preferably be accepted in writing, via fax, e-mail, on our web portal, through our salespeople or by telephone, in which case Valportas does not assume any responsibility for measurements, color or otherwise. Cancellations/returns of orders must be made in writing, via fax, e-mail, and then duly analyzed by our commercial department, after the deadlines provided for in the order form have been exceeded, and Valportas having manufactured material, the customer will have to assume the costs of the same. Orders will only be valid if signed by the customer and after approval by the Administration.
The deadlines established in the orders correspond to working days. Failure to pick up the order within the established period, or in the event of the customer’s refusal to receive the goods, entails the payment of a minimum daily fee of 100.00€ (one hundred euros) up to a maximum limit of 1,500.00€ (one thousand and five hundred euros). If the order is delivered by Valportas, 50€ per unit will be charged for each second or successive shipment.

After manufacturing the order and meeting all agreed deadlines, the respective invoice will be issued, in the absence of payment, interest at the legal rate will be charged. In case of non-compliance with the payment of the invoice, the customer is responsible for paying all judicial and extrajudicial expenses of the enforced collection. In the event of a dispute, the only competent forum is that of the District of VALONGO, with express waiver of any other.

The customer may choose to collect the material by a carrier of his choice, assuming the respective charges.Valportas is not responsible for any damage caused to products transported by other entities.In orders sent by carrier, the goods do not have transport insurance, unless the customer requests it and provides the policy number. Valportas recommends that all customers, upon receipt of the goods, should immediately check whether they have any damage attributable to the carrier, refusing to accept them or writing in the “observations” space (existing on the delivery note) that the same has been refused. for being damaged, deteriorated or violated and immediately submit the claim to the carrier. This fact must be communicated to our services.

In general, all products sold by Valportas have a two-year warranty. Quick wear parts and/or components resulting from their use are excluded. Malfunctions caused by incorrect handling or caused by external causes are not covered by the warranty. Failure to maintain the products within the indicated periods and by the certified companies results in the loss of the warranty. The product warranty does not cover travel, assembly, accommodation or other costs. The product warranty is only valid from Valportas’ facilities to the address provided by the customer, and it is extinguished if, after delivery by Valportas, the goods go to a third party purchaser. For sectional doors with a width greater than 5200 mm, the guarantee is excluded if it is requested not to place omegas. For sectional doors with a service door with a width of more than 3700 mm, the guarantee is excluded if it is requested not to install omegas and a reduced threshold. The difference in color and resistance of the same in the doors is guaranteed under the terms of NP EN ISO 12944 6 and 7. The production of black doors is, in accordance with the provisions of article 1219 of the Civil Code, subject to acceptance of the natural expansion of the product, being accepted without reservation by the developer.

All complaints must be made in writing and NEVER orally, to the email claims must be made within 15 days of delivery of the goods, in case of a claim and replacement goods are sent, the replaced goods must be returned within 30 days, otherwise Valportas reserves the right to send the customer an invoice. with the total value of the goods. The goods must be returned packaged and accompanied by the respective documentation. Any return to Valportas must be accompanied by the respective documentation (shipping note, permit). Under no circumstances will Valportas accept invoices for claimed/returned merchandise.

All products manufactured by Valportas comply with the regulations in force in our country. Property reservation:The invoiced goods remain the property of Valportas until the respective invoice is fully settled.

The invoiced goods remain the property of Valportas until the respective invoice is fully settled.