The opening of this unit with 1500 m2 destined exclusively for lacquering, is working with the best raw materials and with great speed in delivery times.

It is also equipped with an automated horizontal line and the latest technology. It also confers on the Qualicoat process the quality mark intended to promote and maintain quality in the coating by lacquering or liquid painting of aluminum surfaces and their alloys, and as you know, obliges us to obey the strict set of rules that refer to an extensive series of standards that make us create quality standards in our production processes.
Our electrostatic painting on materials such as: iron, aluminum and stainless steel with a polymer film (polyester powder) allows handling without offending the painting, thus allowing much more ink fixation. This process goes through immersion pre-treatments, so that corrosion resistance can be guaranteed and maximize the adhesion of the polyester paint, thus guaranteeing the product high quality and durability.

Our production capacity allows lacquering aluminium, iron and stainless steel, with maximum measures per piece of 6800 mm by 580 mm wide and 1650 mm high.

We use all the colors of the RAL chart and in view of our weekly color planning we guarantee fast deliveries, up to 72 hours!